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Phase II - System Design (NOID Application)

Once the site and soils evaluation has been completed and approved, a report will be provided. The report will include a description of the soils and the soil absorption rate (SAR). Any limiting conditions will also be noted. The SAR, along with the number of bedrooms and fixture units in the proposed dwelling, is used to determine the minimum design parameters of the septic system.

Plan Submittal and Inspection Procedures

  • Select, design, and lay out the septic tank and primary and reserve disposal areas on the site plan. Refer to the worksheets and sizing charts in the NOID application packet for instructions.
  • Submit the NOID application (see below), along with all required supporting documentation.
  • MCESD will review the application materials. Additional information or redesign of the system may be requested.
  • Once the application is approved, a Construction Authorization Permit is granted.
  • Install the septic system according to the approved plans.
  • To request a construction inspection, call 602-506-6666, options 1,5,3, or fax the Request for Discharge Authorization (Yellow Form) to 602-506-6925. Please have your permit number available when you call.
  • Once the construction inspection is approved, a Discharge Authorization will be issued.

For Phase II application requirements, bedroom and fixture unit worksheets, sizing charts, setback requirements, and an application packet, please download one of the following:

Please contact the Onsite Wastewater Program at with any questions or concerns you may have.