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Food Employees

******** Maricopa County is no longer issuing Food Service Worker cards ********

Maricopa County continues to require that all food employees receive training in food safety. The person in charge at the food establishment is responsible for ensuring food employees are properly trained. The person in charge may choose any of the food employee training methods listed here:

  1. A valid card or certificate issued by an ANSI-accredited food handler training program. A list of the ANSI-accredited programs can be found here:
  2. A valid food handler card or certificate issued by another county within Arizona
  3. Maricopa County provides training for individuals with disabilities and for fee-waived entities. These are also acceptable forms of food hander training documentation. To learn more about this training visit the Limited Use Receipt page.

A valid certificate or identification card from the food employee training course must be maintained at the food establishment.

Steps for obtaining Food Employee training:

To obtain food employee training in Maricopa County a food employee must:

  1. Ask the person in charge of the business what form(s) of food employee training they will accept.
  2. Take the food employee training required by your employer
  3. Provide documentation of having received the training to your employer.

Note: Generally, the online, ANSI-accredited food employee training courses provide an option to print a certificate upon successful completion of the course. A copy of this printed certificate can be provided to the employer as documentation of training.

All food employee training certificates/existing cards expire three (3) years from the date of issue.

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