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Certified Food Manager Card

Certified Food Manager Card You must bring Proof of Legal Status/Valid ID to take the test or the class or get the card.

Maricopa County Environmental Services Dept. (MCESD) requires all food establishments handling open, potentially hazardous foods to have at least one licensed Certified Manager who has undergone more extensive food service training. New establishments must meet the requirement within 90 days of opening.

Two-step Process to obtain the Certified Food Manager Card:

Step 1: You must first pass an approved Certified Food Manager exam by a testing agency that is recognized by the MCESD. At this time, Maricopa County does not provide this testing or instruction for the Certified Manager Licensure. The following is a list of agencies that are approved by MCESD:

Step 2: Once you have passed one of the recognized tests, you must bring all of the following to our regional office for issuance of a card:

  • Official certificate of completion from the agency
  • $5.00 fee for card (optional $3.00 for each duplicate card)
  • Proof of Legal Status/ID

The Certified Food Manager Card is valid for a period of five years as of the time testing was completed. Re-testing is required after the card has expired. When the test is passed, the fee for the card is $5.00. An original of the card must be kept at the workplace. Those who plan to work at multiple job locations or wish to retain a copy for their own records can request a duplicate of their card for $3.00. If you have misplaced, lost or need a replacement card during the 5 year valid card period, please visit one of our regional offices IN PERSON with your Valid ID. We can only issue cards in person and to the person the card is issued. We accept cash and credit cards at our five locations.

If you have any further question please contact the Business Office at (602)506-6824.