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Plan Review Process

Establishments seeking approval for the building of a new facility or the remodel of an existing one, shall submit a set of plans for plan review consistent with the criteria provided in the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code Chapter I, Regulations 4 and 5. Guidelines and applications on how to create and submit plans can be obtained from our Department. Please refer to the Environmental Health Division’s Plan Review Construction Guide for additional information. The guide, applications, plan review fees and other information can be obtained on-line from our department, at no charge. If you do not have access to the Internet, either visit our office to pick up copies, or call (602) 506-6980 to have a copy mailed or faxed to you. Construction Guide packets may be purchased for a nominal fee. Plan Review Fees vary depending on the type of facility (Multiple facilities will require multiple fees). In addition to submitting to our department, other regulatory authorities (e.g. Local/ County Building Departments) may require plans. Make sure all appropriate regulatory agencies have been contacted.