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 Working with our community to ensure
 a safe and healthy environment.

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division, reviews and approves construction plans for food production facilities including: restaurants, grocery stores, processors, pet grooming establishments, hotels, boarding homes, supervised care homes and school cafeterias within Maricopa County. Environmental Health also issues construction and operating permits, and inspects establishments according to the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code (MCEHC). Environmental Health also manages a Special Programs Section that performs specialized functions related to the investigation of foodborne illness outbreaks; inspections of day care homes; temporary food establishments; supervised care home kitchens, and food processors. Education and training programs for food service workers and managers, and Environmental Health Specialists.

Consumer Advisory Guidance

Warning: Unapproved Food Additive in Meat Products

Advertencia: Aditivo No Aprobado para Alimentos Utilizado en Productos de Carnes

New! 2013 FDA Food Code Summary Changes

2009 FDA Food Code Summary Changes

What to expect when Maricopa County Environmental Services Department performs an inspection.

Food Inspection Grading System

Indoor Playground Public Meeting Q&As

Indoor Playground Follow-up Public Meeting Q&As

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Guidance for School, Community, and Food Establishment Gardens

Food Code References for Produce Handling