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 Working with our community to ensure
 a safe and healthy environment.


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Maricopa County Environmental Services provides essential, regional environmental services seeking to prevent and remove environmental health risks. The Department’s Environmental Health Specialists and Field Technicians are in the community every day making sure that among other things, food in all the eating and drinking establishments in the County is protected from contamination, that water supplies throughout the County are safe to drink, and that vector borne health illnesses and risks are minimized. It is our belief that with continued support, future generations will reap the benefits of today’s actions.

The Environmental Services Department consists of five divisions:

Business Operations Division handles financial transactions for the department, including, issuance of permits, fee collection and receipt tracking. Additionally we receive and complete Public Records Requests.
Environmental Health Division issues permits to and inspects food establishments, public accommodations, school grounds and pet shops. Our Plan Review department reviews and approves plans for all of the above mentioned establishments except mobile home parks. Our food service worker program provides food service worker training and testing. We also respond to citizens complaints on certain public health issues.
Water & Waste Management Division protects the health and safety of Maricopa County citizens and the environment through regulation of water supply, wastewater disposal and reuse, waste collection and transport, public and semi-public swimming pools, and related activities. Our work is authorized by the Maricopa County Health Code and the Arizona Administrative Code, as delegated to the County by agreement with the State of Arizona.
Vector Control Division investigates citizen complaints dealing with mosquitoes, flies and non-native rodents. We also enforce and ensure compliance of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code.
Quality & Compliance Division The Quality & Compliance Division consists of six main program areas with a broad range of delegated responsibilities. These program areas include Enforcement, Training of Department Personnel, Investigation of Environmental Related Illness (ERI), Language Liaisons, the Intake of Complaints for the entire department, and Management Analysts.