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Emergency Management Department of Maricopa County
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Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Emergency Planning Zones
There are two Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ) surrounding PVNGS and they are defined as the Plume Exposure Pathway EPZ and the Ingestion Exposure Pathway EPZ.

Plume Exposure Pathway EPZ
The Plume Exposure Pathway is defined as a radius of 10 miles surrounding PVNGS where protective actions could be required to protect the public from the effects of exposure to radioactive materials. This 10-mile radius has been divided into 16 sectors designated with the letters A through R. The letters “I” and “O” have been omitted to prevent confusion with numbers. The radius is also divided into mile rings from 1 through 10. This map allows people to determine what sector and mile ring they are in and their proximity to the plant. The entire area is roughly bounded by 299th Avenue to the East, Saddle Mountain to the West, three miles north of Indian School Road to the North and 1 mile south of Agua Caliente Road to the South. People living within this area are sent a public information calendar containing an evacuation route map and emergency information on an annual basis.

To find your location on the EPZ map, first find your sector letter. Look at the outer ring and choose the section that contains the area where your home is located. Second, find your mile ring. Count the number of rings from the center of the diagram. For example, if your home is close to Baseline and 331st Avenue, you are located in sector E - 6. Once you locate your sector and mile ring, be sure to make note of it as official will use sector locations when describing protective measures.

View 10-mile EPZ Map (PDF Format – set printer to landscape to print map)

Ingestion Exposure Pathway EPZ
The Ingestion Exposure Pathway is defined as a radius of approximately 50 miles surrounding PVNGS where food or potable water could become contaminated as a result of a release of radioactive materials into the atmosphere. The “Radiological Emergency Information for Farmers, Dairy Farmers, Ranchers, Food Processors, and Distributors” pamphlet is prepared by the Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) and distributed to the agricultural community in the 50-mile zone. Contamination control measures would be implemented to protect the public from ingesting any contaminated food or water. State and County governments are prepared to quickly notify and advise on what actions to take in the event of a radiological emergency.

View 50-mile IPZ Map (PDF Format – set printer to landscape to print map)


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