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Emergency Management Department of Maricopa County
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Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Alerting and Notification
The primary means of communications to offsite authorities from PVNGS is by a dedicated telephone line, the Notification and Alert Network (NAN), which links stations at PVNGS with warning points in key government agencies.


Plume phase alert and notification of the General Public
For protective actions to be effective, prompt notification to the public of a radiological emergency and any resulting protective action instructions is an absolute necessity. Residents within the 10-mile EPZ are provided materials containing information to recognize siren signals and other alerting methods, sector of residence and protective actions that may be required. Maricopa County is responsible for warning in the 10-mile EPZ.

The primary mechanism to notify the public is an Outdoor Warning Siren System placed at various locations in the 10-mile EPZ. Upon activation, the sirens will sound for approximately three minutes with a steady, high-pitched sound. Residents should turn on radios or televisions to receive Emergency Alert System (EAS) warning messages, emergency information and protective action instructions. Should a siren(s) fail the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office will provide supplemental warning by telephone, door to-door contact or loudspeakers mounted on patrol or other vehicles as necessary.


The EAS is a Federal Communication Commission program that allows broadcast stations to transmit emergency information. The messages are pre-scripted and contain information concerning the radiological incident and specific protective action instructions. EAS will broadcast warning messages as instructed and will repeat the messages at directed intervals. The system also can broadcast instructions as they are received. EAS stations are listed below:

  • KTAR 620 (AM) and 92.3 (FM)
  • KMVP 98.7 (FM)
  • Phoenix National Weather Service forecast office transmits via the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio South Mountain transmitter, KEC 94 (FM) on 162.55 Mhz.

All radio and television stations serving the affected area(s) will be asked to broadcast emergency information as a public service.

Post-plume phase alert and notification of the General Public
Public warning in the Ingestion Pathway EPZ, 50-mile radius of PVNGS, is essentially the same as for the 10-mile EPZ except there is no attention/alert siren system.

In the Ingestion Pathway EPZ, EAS and Media Alert systems are activated regarding protective action instructions and the control of potentially contaminated foodstuffs.

Arizona Department of Agriculture will prepare advisories to growers, dairy farms, processors, aquaculture, feedyards and poultry farms within the 50-mile EPZ. The message can be a warning, emergency information or instructions for protective actions required to assure statewide control of potentially contaminated foodstuffs.
Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Maricopa County Department of Public Health and Maricopa County Environmental Services Department will give guidance and recommendations on needed public health and safety activities during an incident at PVNGS.

Arizona Department of Water Resources will prepare advisories to the public on inspections of water wells, potable water and water-related issues.

Alert and Notification of the Emergency Planning Zone Schools
All schools in session within the 10-mile EPZ will be notified individually by the Maricopa County EOC. A tone alert radio system has been installed in each school in the Plume Exposure Pathway EPZ. There are four schools affected by the 10-mile EPZ:

  • Arlington Elementary School
  • Palo Verde Elementary School
  • Ruth Fisher Elementary School
  • Tonopah Valley High School

When school is in session, students will be transported to the designated Reunification Center or Reception and Care Center by their respective school district. If Potassium Iodide (KI) is recommended, it will be dispensed according to the school's procedures.

Close coordination between school officials and the Maricopa County EOC will determine the quickest means for evacuating the children. Each school has its own transportation on the premises to evacuate the students.


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