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1,111 sex crimes, 0 investigations
Five New Orleans detectives may have failed to investigate 1,111 sex crimes over a 3-year period, a report says.
Pirates at the pump?
They look like ordinary guys pumping gas. But authorities say they are thieves, using stolen credit cards to fill vehicles fitted with huge hidden tan......
McStay suspect pleads not guilty
The man accused of killing the McStay family pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a California court to murder charges.
Did Ex -NFL cheerleader rape?
The woman who was once the oldest cheerleader in the NFL faces rape charges for alleged sexual encounters with a teenager at a Delaware vacation home.
Charged for feeding homeless
Arnold Abbott handed out four plates of food to homeless people in a South Florida park. Then police stopped the 90-year-old from serving up another b......
Justice means what for Ferguson?
The Michael Brown case has great significance because it is yet another in a growing line of tragedies that further demand a conversation about our ci......
FBI posed as Internet repairmen
In a sting operation last July at a Las Vegas casino, undercover FBI agents gained access to a hotel suite by disabling the hotel's Internet and then ......
Wife: Van der Sloot stabbed
Joran van der Sloot's wife says her husband was "seriously injured" in a stabbing at the Peruvian prison where he is serving time for murder, but a to......
Decades-old cold cases solved
Oklahoma officials confirm the identities of 6 people who went missing in 1969 and 1970. They were in cars at the bottom of a lake.
Teen's tragic Amazon quest
Kyle Nolan's mother opens up about his tragic journey to the Peruvian Amazon seeking the mind-altering power of ayahuasca, which some call a drug and ......
From homecoming prince to killer
One week after being named to his high school's homecoming court, Jaylen Fryberg opened fire in its cafeteria -- shooting five, one fatally, before tu......
Agents: The devil made him do it
Though he told authorities that the devil made him do it, Satanists disapproved, after a man allegedly shattered a stone copy of the Ten Commandments ......
Pistorius case not over yet
The state will appeal the judgment and sentence in the Oscar Pistorius case, South Africa's national prosecuting authority said Monday, according to s......
Hannah Graham's remains ID'd
Human remains discovered last weekend in Albemarle County, Virginia, belong to University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, authorities said Friday.
Cops recover after hatchet attack
A New York City police officer remains in critical condition at a Queens hospital Friday, one day after suffering a hatchet wound to the head.
Exhumed John Doe most wanted?
A tip from a man who watched "The Hunt with John Walsh" led the FBI to Alabama to have a John Doe exhumed in hopes it might answer the question of wha......
'I do' followed by murder-suicide
Some wedding guests noticed tension between the couple almost immediately after each said "I do," police say. The bride and groom didn't speak to each......
Feds probe grenade in playpen
A federal prosecutor will review the case of a Georgia SWAT team that threw a flash-bang grenade into a playpen, according to a Tuesday statement.
'Django Unchained' actress charged
"Django Unchained" actress Daniele Watts and her boyfriend have been charged with one count each of lewd conduct, a spokesman said Tuesday.
Should rapist return to work?
Should a convicted rapist, who has served their time in prison, be allowed to resume their old job?
Honeymoon hit man hired?
A millionaire British businessman accused of hiring hit men to kill his new wife during their honeymoon in South Africa pleaded not guilty as his tria......
NFLer stun-gunned 3 times
The Miami Dolphins have suspended a defensive lineman after he allegedly touched women and then took an "aggressive fighting stance" when police attem......
Giudice shocked by prison sentence
As "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice faces a 15-month prison term that's set to start in January, it's no surprise that she's also b......
Deputies bust ... okra farm
The grower was alarmed when the police helicopter swept low over his land. The deputies were "strapped to the gills," he says. But what they thought w......
Hacking nude photos is 'sex crime'
Jennifer Lawrence does not mince words about the hacking that put her personal nude photos in the public eye: It's a "sex crime," she said.
Dozens arrested at pumpkin festival
Dozens of people were reportedly arrested after rowdy crowds set fires, overturned cars and threw bottles, disrupting a pumpkins festival in Keene, Ne......
Trooper shooting suspect letter found
A handwritten letter thought to have been written by the suspect in the ambush of two Pennsylvania State Police troopers details how he shot the offic......
Royals turn to law to protect prince
Lawyers for Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have sent letters to two photographers asking them to stop following the couple's son,......
Woman sues sperm bank over mix-up
At five months pregnant, Jennifer Cramblett and her same-sex partner learned that Cramblett had been inseminated with the wrong sperm from the wrong d......
Warning signs of workplace violence
Some jobs are more prone than others to workplace violence, though employees might be able to prevent such attacks. Here's how.
Hernandez case: Who's who?
Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez is behind bars, accused of killing 3 people. Here are the names you might hear ahead of his trials.
Michael Phelps arrested for DUI
Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was arrested early Tuesday morning in Maryland on a DUI charge, according to the Maryland Transportation Authority.
Infamous serial killers

Arrest in missing Realtor case
[Breaking news update published at 12:03 p.m. ET]
Phil Spector's prison face
Music legend and convicted killer Phil Spector's latest prison mugshots show both a happy and a sad face.
Spies: Swaps and sentences

'Loud music' murder case retried
Was it fear for his own life that prompted Michael Dunn to fire 10 shots into an SUV, killing teenager Jordan Davis? Or was it contempt?
Deadly salmonella outbreak verdict
A jury convicted a former peanut company owner Friday of conspiracy, fraud and other federal charges in a landmark case stemming from a deadly salmone......
Women of death row

6 kids, 2 adults die in murder-suicide
A man who shot and killed his daughter, six grandchildren and then himself was a convicted felon and therefore wasn't allowed to possess the gun he us......
Missing woman's body found
After three years of searching, the remains of Holly Bobo have been found in Tennessee.
Man charged in Auschwitz murders
German prosecutors have charged a 93-year-old man with being an accessory to murder in at least 300,000 cases while working for the Nazis at the Ausch......
Cops: Dad drove for days with bodies
Timothy Jones Jr. allegedly went on a 700-mile journey that began in South Carolina with the bodies of his five young children wrapped in garbage bags......
Boat driver sentenced
He killed a bride-to-be and best man when his speedboat hit a barge on the Hudson River. His blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit.
Guilty to innocent and back to guilty
Legal experts call it a unique murder mystery that some people believe has yet to be solved. The remarkable story of Timothy Hennis and the stabbing d......
Cops: Couple kept woman in dog cage
A young Indiana mother was gagged with chloroform and held captive for two months, forced to wear a dog collar tethered to an "intricate restraint sys......
Cops: Fatal crash driver on Facebook
A North Dakota woman who police say was using Facebook on her cellphone when she crashed into another car is accused of negligent homicide in the deat......
Saved by an intern
By the time Edward Lee Elmore won his freedom at age 53, he had spent 30 years -- most of them on death row -- imprisoned in South Carolina for a crim......
Comedian, ex-friend settle podcast case
Comedian Adam Carolla settled a lawsuit Tuesday filed by a former friend of 30 years who claimed he had been cheated out of his share of Carolla's pop......
Dad indicted in tot's hot-car death
A Georgia grand jury indicted Justin Ross Harris on eight counts, including malice murder and felony murder, in the death of his son.
DNA frees 2 from death row
Henry McCollum and Leon Brown walked out of prison free men Wednesday after DNA evidence implicated someone else in the rape and murder of a North Car......
5 questions for my son's abductor
Patty Wetterling has five questions for the man who kidnapped her 11-year-old son, Jacob, as he rode his bike home on a Minnesota road in 1989.
Celeb nude photos hacked
In a major breach of privacy, a hacker leaked a series of pictures allegedly showing Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities in the nude.
Escobar hit man 'Popeye' freed
John Jairo Velasquez -- the top hit man for notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar in the '80s, known in Colombia as the "narcoterrorism era" -- is a free ......
History's worst female serial killer
With a ruined centuries-old castle looming up on the hill above, the Slovakian village of Cachtice could easily take a starring role in a Gothic horro......
Lawsuit slams Ferguson cops
In a $40 million federal lawsuit, five people arrested recently in Ferguson, Missouri, accuse police of using "wanton and excessive force" and treatin......
Legal questions in Brown shooting
Was a police officer justified in shooting and killing Michael Brown?
CEO caught kicking puppy
The CEO of Centerplate was caught on camera kicking what he says was his friend's doberman puppy. WTSP reports.
Quilt shares rape stories
Rocio Moreno says it took more than five years to leave her abusive husband.
'Young Jeezy' arrested
Famed hip-hop rapper Jay Jenkins, known as "Young Jeezy," was arrested on Sunday in relation to a deadly shooting at a Wiz Khalifa concert, police sai......
Hot car death ruled a homicide
The Connecticut medical examiner has ruled the death of a 15-month-old boy who was left in his father's car in July a homicide.
Miltarization of police reviewed
As debates swirl about the "militarization of police," President Barack Obama has ordered a review of programs enabling state and local law enforcemen......
Grandmother had a heroin habit
Cynthia Scudo is a portrait of an all-American mom of eight and grandmother of 18 who survived an extraordinary journey lasting a decade: She became a......
Who was arrested in Ferguson?
By the time the tear gas started to clear in Ferguson, Missouri, at least 212 people had been arrested over nearly two weeks of clashes with police. A......
Arrest in Marine's wife's death
Murder charges have been filed against a neighbor accused of killing the pregnant wife of a Marine in California. Erin Corwin's body was found in a mi......
'I am Charles Manson's wife'
Afton Burton was 16 and living with her parents in Illinois when she discovered Charles Manson.
MMA fighter caught after manhunt
After a weeklong manhunt, authorities have arrested mixed martial arts fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver in for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend. He twe......
Abortion law ruling a win for women
John Jennings says an Alabama law that purported to protect women's safety did just the opposite by barring them from medical care. A court was right ......
NFL, apologize to women for Ray Rice
Roxanne Jones says NFL commissioner Roger Goodell talks a good line about wanting to draw women fans, but his light slap of Ray Rice over abuse of a w......
Leave kids alone, go to jail?
Mark O'Mara says too often parents leave kids unattended -- sometimes out of economic necessity -- and end up arrested. In the past, neighbors would h......
Botched executions can't be new norm
Megan McCracken and Jennifer Moreno say it's unacceptable for states to experiment with new execution procedures without full disclosure
Blow to Obamacare won't stick
Brianne Gorod says the D.C. Circuit panel's decision that killed a regulation key to making Obamacare work showed a determination to gut the law. Fort......
Cops: Boy's air gun 'indistinguishable'
Cleveland police said officers fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice as the youth reached for an air pistol in his waist, "indistinguishable from a real......
Mom from 'The Hunt' turns self in
A woman who allegedly took her daughter in violation of a court ruling and then went on the run for a decade has turned herself in, according to U.S. ......
Dog finds skull of 'Hunt' fugitive
Officials say a dog found remains belonging to Kevin Patrick Stoeser, a sex offender featured on CNN's 'The Hunt.'
School accused of 'poverty porn'
The boy's stories are heartbreaking: "My dad drinks and hits me ... my mom chose drugs over me ... my home on the reservation isn't a safe place for m......
Father faces charge in hot car death
The father of a 15-month-old boy who died after being left in a car in July is charged with criminally negligent homicide.
Red flags missed at Newtown
Adam Lanza had not left his room for three months before the massacre. He was anorexic when he died, according to a state agency report.
What happens to Officer Wilson?
Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson will either continue to be a free man or will endure one of the most highly publicized criminal trials since Tra......
Guiliani: Black-on-black crime the real problem
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says the controversy surrounding the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by a white poli......
Cosby lawyer: Accusations are 'fantastical stories'
A lawyer for Bill Cosby called the increasing number of claims of sexual assault against the legendary comedian "ridiculous" and said the media should......
Connecticut dad pleads not guilty in hot car death
The father of a 15-month-old boy who died after being left in a hot car in July has pleaded not guilty to a charge of criminally negligent homicide.
FSU gunman sent packages before shooting
The man identified as the gunman who wounded three people at Florida State University's library apparently sent packages to several acquaintances befo......
Obama donor faces sex-abuse charges
A major supporter and fundraiser for President Obama has been arrested and charged with sodomy and sex abuse.
UVA suspends frats amid rape allegations
A UVA student accuses a fraternity of gang rape, "New Day Weekend"' discusses with a legal panel.
What charges could officer face?
Ferguson, Missouri, is bracing for a decision from the grand jury in the case of Michael Brown.
Boehner: House GOP files Obamacare suit
House Republicans have filed a lawsuit regarding President Barack Obama's "unilateral actions" on healthcare, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced ......
Courtesy Top Stories
Buffalo gets ready for flooding
What's worse than 7 feet of snow piled up in front of your house? How about the flooding that comes once those 7 feet of snow melt? That's expected to......
She's playing Super Bowl halftime
Confirming rumors that had been around at least since last month, the NFL said Sunday that Katy Perry will headline the Super Bowl halftime show in Fe......
China building island in disputed waters
China is building an island in the South China Sea that could accommodate the country's first airstrip in bitterly contested waters, according to sate......
Attack kills 45 at volleyball game
At least 45 people were killed and 60 others were wounded Sunday after a suicide bomber attacked a crowd watching a volleyball match in the Yahyakhil ......
Obama: Voters want to trade me in
President Obama said in an interview Sunday that he has some "dings" but will help his party during the 2016 election cycle in any way he can.
Cosby: TV dad now accused of rape
The allegations of sexual assault paint a starkly different picture of the man beloved by millions as a pudding pitchman or as Dr. Huxtable -- the swe......
A shocking find in a storm drain
The bicyclists were on a morning ride Sunday when they heard a shocking sound coming from somewhere below them: a baby crying. Do shrimp hold clues to alien life?
Shrimp crawling around rock chimneys spewing hot water deep in the Caribbean Sea may hold clues to the kinds of life that can thrive in extreme enviro......
'SNL' skit: Obama is Capitol bully
You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to reach the Capitol building in Washington, so just imagine what the tumble down is like. UVA suspends all fraternities
The University of Virginia is suspending all fraternities and associated parties until January 9 following a Rolling Stone magazine article that descr......
CNN host and protester clash
CNN's Michael Smerconish spoke with Bassem Masri about the escalating protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Students slam first lady over lunches
Students unhappy with school meals are taking it out on the first lady by sharing images on social media of lunches sarcastically tagged #ThanksMichel......
Female sex desire: It's complicated
What makes a woman want to have sex isn't totally hormonal, as it can be with men. Happiness is key new study shows. Two country singers come out as gay
There are plenty of country songs about how to be a man. One way is to face the music, and two country crooners did that on Thursday. 'Black Widow' has five dead lovers
Police in Japan are questioning a wealthy widow about the mysterious deaths of her past partners. Dog's habit makes owner laugh
Unhinged by doorways, pit bull enters BACKWARDS. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the butt-first way Queso conquers his fear. New 'Cinderella' makes her entrance
The trailer for 2015's "Cinderella" doesn't feature any singing mice, but it's magical all the same. Say buh-bye to seat-back screens
Rachel Crane investigates airlines' newest cost-cutting measure. CNN Hero of the Year is ...
Pen Farthing, who founded a nonprofit that reunites soldiers at home with stray dogs and cats they took in during combat, has been named the 2014 CNN ......
U.S. tracking mystery spacecraft
CNN's Chad Myers reports on a Russian object in space on a mission that remains unclear to the U.S. Crowd grows
An announcement is expected later today from the grand jury in Ferguson that considered evidence in the Michael Brown shooting. Wilson just married
Officer Darren Wilson recently married another member of the Ferguson Police Department, a source close to Wilson said. Brown family told of decision
CNN's Sunny Hostin reports that the Brown family found out about the timing of the grand jury decision through the media. Protests go far beyond Ferguson
As the sun set out east, protesters across the country were beginning to rise up -- hours before the grand jury decision in Ferguson had even been ann......
Is Obama finally busting out?
Is there a new President Obama?
Why ousting Hagel solves nothing
David Rothkopf says if the President thinks that pushing out the defense secretary is the housecleaning his spluttering national security process need......
Diplomatic insanity on Iran nukes?
Diplomatic insanity appears set to triumph as Iran grinds closer to its end nuclear goal, writes Michael Rubin. The big 'Hunger Games' lesson
Van Jones says the Hunger Games is a more sweeping critique of wealth inequality than Elizabeth Warren's speech Monster project: China wins, U.S. loses
When plans were announced to build a giant new transoceanic canal across Nicaragua, the young Hong Kong businessman leading the project acknowledged t......
Cops: Boy's air gun looked like firearm
Cleveland authorities have surveillance video showing the shooting by police of a 12-year-old boy who was brandishing an air gun, a department spokesm......
Was Hagel doomed from the start?
Chuck Hagel was doomed even before he walked into the Pentagon. Plea deal in 'stand your ground' case
A Florida woman who'd been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in a "stand your ground" case accepted a plea bargain Monday that greatly reduces her se......
See laser shoot drone from sky
The U.S. Navy is deploying a secret weapon to the Persian Gulf: A laser cannon that can bring down drones and ships. Democrats eye 3 cities for convention
The Democratic National Committee announced Monday that Columbus, Ohio, Philadelphia and New York are the finalists to host the 2016 presidential nomi......
Gingrich: Benghazi report co-opted
Newt Gingrich tells Wolf Blitzer he believes the CIA "co-opted" a recent Congressional report on the Benghazi attacks. Bottle shatters Tower Bridge walkway
A scary view of London just got slightly scarier.
Texas readies immigration challenge
Incoming Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday he expects to legally challenge President Barack Obama's new immigration action "in the next two weeks." ......
Colosseum graffiti brings $24K fine
Got more money than sense and want to leave your mark on an ancient city? Authorities in Rome have the answer... Students walk out to protest bullying
Hundreds of students walked out of their Oklahoma high school Monday to protest the school's response to the alleged bullying of three classmates who ......
Priests, teacher arrested in abuse case
It might all have remained a dark secret, if a young man who was an alleged victim of sexual abuse hadn't written a letter to the Vatican. And then go......
Etan Patz case: Confession admissible
A jury will be allowed to consider a confession by a suspect with a low IQ who is accused of killing a 6-year-old boy more than three decades ago, a j......
McCain: Graham, run for president
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is getting encouragement from a close colleague and friend, Sen. John McCain, to run for president. U.S. poll: Most think ISIS serious threat
Most Americans now believe ISIS poses at least a somewhat serious threat to the United States and Americans are growing slightly more hawkish on the U......
Reporter: Uber's apology rings false
Brian Stelter speaks with PandoDaily's Sarah Lacy, who says that Uber is targeting her because of her critical reporting. 6-year-old a future Formula 1 star?
John Defterios meets Rashid Al Dhaheri, a precocious 6-year-old who has his sights set on becoming a Formula 1 racer. City to replace 'sad' Christmas tree
The 50-foot Christmas tree decorating downtown Reading, Pennsylvania, is supposed to spread holiday cheer, but instead it's making some residents unha......
Resident: Even squirrel shuns tree
Reading, PA residents are disappointed in the town's Christmas tree, comparing it to Charlie Brown's tree. WFMZ reports. Ellsberg: He's a hero
Daniel Ellsberg tells CNN's Don Lemon that NSA leaker Edward Snowden showed courage, has done an enormous service. Elusive Black Seadevil gets closeup
Does this bizarre-looking fish look familiar to you?
City to ban wheeled suitcases
For years Venice has battled the effects of rising waters on its historic architecture, but now it's facing a new threat -- wheeled suitcases.
How to stop package thieves
A new startup aims to stop package thieves from spoiling the holiday season. Dig may have caused home collapse
A nearby excavation project may have caused a wall of a house to collapse. CNN affiliate KDVR has the story. 8 stars who stole AMA show
At the American Music Awards on Sunday, there was plenty of love for international artists. Is this the greatest catch ever?!
"Greatest catch ever" catches the eye of jokesters. Jeanne Moos reports wide receiver teamed up with God and Kardashian. See rocket launch into space
Three new crew members are headed on a six-month voyage aboard the International Space Station. Is this a sign of the big one?
Parts of the Northwest are experiencing earthquake swarms. CNN's Dan Simon explains what the are, and what they mean. Am I the jerk on your airplane?
I accept that I usually have to give up on my hope of no one sitting next to me on a plane. I just don't want to give up my precious, optimally chosen......
Cambodia's stunning genocide memorial
How can architecture help a nation cope with traumatic history? A Cambodian institute designed by Zaha Hadid attempts to find a new answer to the ques......
The week in 34 photos
People in Nicaragua tried to save a stranded whale, a plane crashed into a house, protesters egged a European leader and Santa Claus went surfing.
'Landfill Dogs' face sad reality
Tails wagging wildly, tongues panting heavily, ears -- soft as felt -- flapping around as if they were wings propelling them against gravity.
'Mobile mortuary' offers odd funerals
A man in Houston has started a funeral business on wheels. CNN affiliate KHOU reports. Kids with cancer fighting back
After witnessing the pain and fear that children with cancer endure, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg founded a program that provides free martial arts classe......
THIS animal attacks, traps man in home
A groundhog attacked, then chased a man into his house in New Hampshire. CNN affiliate WBZ reports. Ex-NFLer: First impressions matter
Advice can be a tricky thing.
Would you serve this for Thanksgiving?
Options for meat substitutes have come a long way since Seth Tibbott's first few Thanksgivings as vegetarian in the 1970s. Can you guess who this actress is?
CNN's Brooke Baldwin takes a look back into the early days of how actress Jennifer Lawrence got her start. Britney Spears reads 'mean tweet'
Britney Spears and John Stamos were just a few of the celebrities that read mean tweets on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Poll finds racial divide over Wilson charges
Americans are sharply divided along racial lines as to whether Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson should be charged with murder in the shooting dea......
Ferguson grand jury decision expected today
A decision is expected Monday from the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, that is weighing evidence in the Michael Brown shooting, U.S. and local law e......
What if? ... Potential fates of Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson
Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson will either continue to be a free man or will endure one of the most highly publicized criminal trials since Tra......
The little spacecraft that could
When it missed its landing spot and its batteries ran out of juice, the Philae spacecraft's mission seemed over. But, the series of unfortunate events......
Humans on Mars by 2035?
We've just landed a washing machine-sized robot on a comet and NASA's chief scientist has no idea. 11 really cool space missions
It's hard to top the tricky, first-ever landing on a comet, broadcast live on the Internet. Rosetta: The comet chaser

How Philae docked on comet
CNN's Tom Foreman explains the 10-year mission to land the unmanned Philae probe on a speeding comet. See its 'astonishing' photos
Black and white photos captured by the Philae lander offer an amazing view of Comet 67P. CNN's Jonathan Mann reports. Opinion: Is 'Interstellar' right?
Practically from the day the Space Age started on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union launched the first human-made satellite into Earth orbit, it'......
Police shooting
A law enforcement officer's quick decision is once again being put under a microscope. Chuck Hagel
Chuck Hagel was doomed even before he walked into the Pentagon. Philae lander
It flew for 10 years, crossed millions of miles of space, bounced over the surface of a comet and returned heaps of data ... and then quietly faded aw......
Black Seadevil
Does this bizarre-looking fish look familiar to you?
Cold weather
What's worse than 7 feet of snow piled up in front of your house? How about the flooding that comes once those 7 feet of snow melt? Ferguson
A grand jury will reconvene Monday to continue weighing evidence in its investigation of the Michael Brown shooting. Super Bowl
Get ready to hear that voice, hear that sound -- like thunder gonna shake the ground. Sad reality for shelter dogs
Tails wagging wildly, tongues panting heavily, ears -- soft as felt -- flapping around as if they were wings propelling them against gravity.
Radio helps Rwanda heal
Romance. Suspense. Good versus evil. On the surface, Rwandan radio soap opera "Musekeweya," or "New Dawn," feels familiar. Like a Rwandan "Romeo and J......
The week in 34 photos

Hermits of Ukraine, Russia
Deep in the untouched areas of Ukraine and Russia live men who have decided to leave human establishments and live isolated in nature. Look at me! 25 selfies of the week

Kobani: Life at war
At the edge of the Syrian war, photographer Furkan Temir found despair packed in tent camps and an outpouring of humanity from a tight-knit Turkish bo......
What a shot! 39 sports photos


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