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Guilty to innocent and back to guilty
Legal experts call it a unique murder mystery that some people believe has yet to be solved. The remarkable story of Timothy Hennis and the stabbing d......
Actress: Police cuffed me for PDA
"Django Unchained" actress Daniele Watts says Los Angeles police allegedly detained her because they thought she was a prostitute.
Cops: Couple kept woman in dog cage
A young Indiana mother was gagged with chloroform and held captive for two months, forced to wear a dog collar tethered to an "intricate restraint sys......
Cops: Fatal crash driver on Facebook
A North Dakota woman who police say was using Facebook on her cellphone when she crashed into another car is accused of negligent homicide in the deat......
Saved by an intern
By the time Edward Lee Elmore won his freedom at age 53, he had spent 30 years -- most of them on death row -- imprisoned in South Carolina for a crim......
Comedian, ex-friend settle podcast case
Comedian Adam Carolla settled a lawsuit Tuesday filed by a former friend of 30 years who claimed he had been cheated out of his share of Carolla's pop......
Dad indicted in tot's hot-car death
A Georgia grand jury indicted Justin Ross Harris on eight counts, including malice murder and felony murder, in the death of his son.
DNA frees 2 from death row
Henry McCollum and Leon Brown walked out of prison free men Wednesday after DNA evidence implicated someone else in the rape and murder of a North Car......
5 questions for my son's abductor
Patty Wetterling has five questions for the man who kidnapped her 11-year-old son, Jacob, as he rode his bike home on a Minnesota road in 1989.
Celeb nude photos hacked
In a major breach of privacy, a hacker leaked a series of pictures allegedly showing Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities in the nude.
Escobar hit man 'Popeye' freed
John Jairo Velasquez -- the top hit man for notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar in the '80s, known in Colombia as the "narcoterrorism era" -- is a free ......
History's worst female serial killer
With a ruined centuries-old castle looming up on the hill above, the Slovakian village of Cachtice could easily take a starring role in a Gothic horro......
Lawsuit slams Ferguson cops
In a $40 million federal lawsuit, five people arrested recently in Ferguson, Missouri, accuse police of using "wanton and excessive force" and treatin......
Legal questions in Brown shooting
Was a police officer justified in shooting and killing Michael Brown?
CEO caught kicking puppy
The CEO of Centerplate was caught on camera kicking what he says was his friend's doberman puppy. WTSP reports.
Quilt shares rape stories
Rocio Moreno says it took more than five years to leave her abusive husband.
'Young Jeezy' arrested
Famed hip-hop rapper Jay Jenkins, known as "Young Jeezy," was arrested on Sunday in relation to a deadly shooting at a Wiz Khalifa concert, police sai......
Hot car death ruled a homicide
The Connecticut medical examiner has ruled the death of a 15-month-old boy who was left in his father's car in July a homicide.
Miltarization of police reviewed
As debates swirl about the "militarization of police," President Barack Obama has ordered a review of programs enabling state and local law enforcemen......
Grandmother had a heroin habit
Cynthia Scudo is a portrait of an all-American mom of eight and grandmother of 18 who survived an extraordinary journey lasting a decade: She became a......
Who was arrested in Ferguson?
By the time the tear gas started to clear in Ferguson, Missouri, at least 212 people had been arrested over nearly two weeks of clashes with police. A......
Arrest in Marine's wife's death
Murder charges have been filed against a neighbor accused of killing the pregnant wife of a Marine in California. Erin Corwin's body was found in a mi......
'I am Charles Manson's wife'
Afton Burton was 16 and living with her parents in Illinois when she discovered Charles Manson.
MMA fighter caught after manhunt
After a weeklong manhunt, authorities have arrested mixed martial arts fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver in for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend. He twe......
Abortion law ruling a win for women
John Jennings says an Alabama law that purported to protect women's safety did just the opposite by barring them from medical care. A court was right ......
NFL, apologize to women for Ray Rice
Roxanne Jones says NFL commissioner Roger Goodell talks a good line about wanting to draw women fans, but his light slap of Ray Rice over abuse of a w......
Leave kids alone, go to jail?
Mark O'Mara says too often parents leave kids unattended -- sometimes out of economic necessity -- and end up arrested. In the past, neighbors would h......
Botched executions can't be new norm
Megan McCracken and Jennifer Moreno say it's unacceptable for states to experiment with new execution procedures without full disclosure
Blow to Obamacare won't stick
Brianne Gorod says the D.C. Circuit panel's decision that killed a regulation key to making Obamacare work showed a determination to gut the law. Fort......
Boat driver in crash that killed bride-to-be and best man sentenced
The man who pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree vehicular manslaughter after driving a speedboat into a barge on the Hudson River has been s......
Missing woman's body found
After three years of searching, the remains of Holly Bobo have been found in Tennessee.
Women of death row

Photos: Infamous serial killers

Police shot man from behind, family says
To hear prosecutors tell it, Darrien Hunt lunged at officers with a "samurai-type sword." But his family says police shot him as he ran away.
Police: Man's hatred of U.S. foreign policy motivated killing spree
Ali Muhammad Brown was focused on one thing, authorities say.
Police to 'coward' killer of trooper: 'We will find you'
Lt. Col. George Bivens has a message for whoever ambushed two Pennsylvania State Police troopers last week: "We will find you."
Massachusetts town horrified by discovery of 3 dead infants
It was a shocking and gruesome discovery: three dead infants found in a Massachusetts home so squalid, police officers had to search it in hazmat suit......
Judge loses job over online comments about actress and adoption
The top court in Arkansas has ordered the immediate dismissal of a judge who leaked confidential details about an adoption involving Oscar-winning act......
Man accidentally 'butt-dials' 911, gets busted
One man accidentally dialed 911 while talking about drugs, which led cops to arrest him for possession. WKRN reports.
America's most wanted terrorists
Deb Feyerick explores the lives & dossiers of ISIS & Al-Qaeda's top leaders.
Grand jury gets more time in Ferguson police shooting case
A grand jury in Missouri now has more time decide whether Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson should be charged for the shooting death of teenager M......
Peterson: I'm sorry for hurting my son
NFL's Adrian Peterson, who is charged with child abuse, apologizes for hurting his son while disciplining him the way he says he was disciplined as a ......
Cops: Dad drove for days with kids' bodies
Timothy Jones Jr. allegedly went on a 700-mile journey that began in South Carolina with the bodies of his five young children wrapped in garbage bags......
Courtesy Top Stories
Jets use highway as airstrip
Fighter jets and other combat aircraft used Taiwan's main highway as a makeshift airstrip Tuesday as part of a dawn drill that simulated an attack fro......
Facebook for the rich (just $9,000)
Would you enjoy social media more without all those pesky 99-percenters complaining about their mortgage payments and high cable bills? Surgery ... for a goldfish?
An Australian family was willing to do anything to save their goldfish ... including surgery. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports. Enterovirus D68 now in 12 states
Alabama has joined the growing list of states with confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68. U.S. senator drops F-bomb
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says she had to hold her tongue when a male labor leader made comments about her post-pregnancy weight, 'Critical' alert issued for volcano zone
Thousands of people are being evacuated from the area around an active volcano in the Philippines after the country's seismology agency issued an aler......
Rosie, Whoopi swap weight-loss stories
"The View" returned to TV on Monday with a new set, two new faces and a pair of returning hosts who've spent their time away focusing on their health.......
Stewart to Paltrow: Don't try to be me

'Glee' star and his boyfriend marry

Apple learns lesson in U2 release
Apple learned an important lesson this week: Not everyone likes U2. And even those who do really don't like it when you put files on their devices wit......
Kanye singles out disabled fans
Kanye West is getting heat after demanding that everyone at his show in Sydney stand up for his performance. See the world's first 3D-printed car
"Strati", the Italian word for "layers", is the name of the first 3D printed electric car, made in Chicago. Construction sign causes a stir
An electronic construction sign along an Alaska road was altered by pranksters to read "money over b*****s." Mysterious streak of light in sky
Bay Area residents were puzzled by a streak of light in the night sky. CNN affiliate KPIX has the full story. He killed 175 enemy troops
As many as 175 enemy troops killed, 18 wounds from enemy fire, 38 hours of battle, 48 hours evading the North Vietnamese troops in the bush -- and one......
Video shows police beat Christians
Church leaders in eastern China say that they are facing the worst persecution in decades. CNN's David McKenzie explains. 4-year-old shamed publicly
This father punished his 4-year-old son by making him hold a sign on the street that says "I hit little girls." Famous hotel has a very old secret
One of America' most famous hotels kept a unique secret for three decades. CNN's Richard Quest visits the Greenbrier. 'I had these different names'
For half a decade, Morten Storm moved between two worlds. Now, the radical Islamist turned double agent is lifting the lid on some of the world's best......
He played matchmaker to terrorist
On 9 March 2010 I stood outside the international bus terminal on Erdbergstra├če in Vienna, waiting for the 11 a.m. bus from Zagreb to arrive. It was c......
CNN witnesses anti-ISIS operation
A thousand troops with Kurdish Peshmerga were in position by dawn, ready to strike. The goal: to push ISIS forces back westward toward Mosul and farth......
No 'boots on the ground'?
President Obama has said there would be no "boots on the ground" in the fight to stamp out ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but one of his top aides said Tuesd......
U.S. senator threatens shutdown
As the pounding of war drums intensifies against ISIS and its advances in Iraq and Syria, at least one senator is voicing opposition to plans to arm S......
'Django' actress was out of line
Mark O'Mara says the Daniele Watts case shows that there are basic rules to follow when interacting with law enforcement: respect their authority.
7 months pregnant and hunting
The course of events that led me from a promise never to be one of those women who wrote about her pregnancy to writing this column is a little circui......
Kanye West's outrageous request
David Perry says Kanye West was practicing behavior that many of us engage in -- showing skepticism about people's disabilities. Borger: Congress wimps out on ISIS
Gloria Borger says each party has reasons to avoid a war vote -- and they're all about the midterm elections The beheader's identity
He has beheaded again. The tall, masked British man with the London accent, working with ISIS. Why Scottish vote makes U.S. nervous
When it comes to the prospective divorce of its closest friend, the United States is following the advice column carefully: don't take sides, keep you......
Tony Stewart case will go to grand jury
The evidence gathered after Tony Stewart's race car struck and killed another driver who was walking on the track will be given soon to a grand jury, ......
Suspect named in trooper shooting
Law enforcement officials said Tuesday they are hunting for a man they believe ambushed Pennsylvania State Police troopers, killing one and seriously ......
Politician thrown in a dumpster
Ukrainian protesters threw a member of Parliament in a dumpster, angry about a potential deal with pro-Russian rebels. Boeing, SpaceX win contracts
Rachel Crane explains NASA's commercial crew contract competition and what it means for the future of space travel. Reduce your dementia risk now
There is some good news laid out in the sixth annual World Alzheimer's Report. For the first time, we're starting to get a clearer understanding of ca......
Obama: U.S. can lead in Ebola fight
U.S. military personnel would build facilities with up to 1,700 beds to help treat Ebola patients in West Africa, Obama administration officials say. ......
2 Americans killed by Taliban
The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing targeting a convoy of foreign forces in the Afghan capital. Hear how terrorists plot attacks
CNN has obtained tapes of terrorists communicating in code and planning their attacks. Deborah Feyerick reports. Witnesses: Traffickers ram boat, 500 die
Witnesses say as many as 500 migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea when their boat was intentionally sunk by people traffickers, the International Or......
Rihanna slams CBS for pulling song
After a dust-up last week, Rihanna says she doesn't want her performance of the song "Run This Town" to air on "Thursday Night Football" this week. <......
Fireball meteor caught on camera
An apparent fireball lit up the night sky across Wayne, New Jersey. CNN affiliate News 12 New Jersey reports. Study: Schizophrenia is 8 diseases
What we know -- and psychiatrists have diagnosed for decades -- as schizophrenia may really be eight separate diseases, research published in The Amer......
Store pulls 'bloody' sweatshirt
Urban Outfitters drew ire after selling a vintage Kent State sweatshirt with red stains online. Five iOS 8 features you'll love
You can't get a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus until Friday, but iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, goes live on Wednesday. ......
Ellsberg: He's a hero
Daniel Ellsberg tells CNN's Don Lemon that NSA leaker Edward Snowden showed courage, has done an enormous service. The best museums in the world
Chicago's remarkable architecture is far from the only thing that earns the city rave reviews. The Windy City is also home to the world's top museum, ......
Kanye West: 'Pick a new target'
Kanye West has fired back at those criticizing him for an awkward incident involving a wheelchair-bound concertgoer. NFL protesters alter CoverGirl ad
Despite abuse scandals involving four NFL star players, several major sponsors have voiced support for the league. 'DWTS': Who's leading so far?
"Dancing with the Stars" got off to a fresh start Monday with actor Alfonso Ribeiro taking the lead in the season 19 premiere. Kim Kardashian met her 'SNL' double
Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Nasim Pedrad gets a real thrill dressing as Aziz Ansari. Rare sea creature caught on tape
Researchers captured deep sea high-definition footage of what is believed to be a siphonophore. The week in 43 photos

Breathtaking views of northern lights
Enjoy views of the aurora borealis from around the world in today's one-minute escape. North Korea touts its 'human rights'
North Korea has "the world's most advantageous human rights system," the country declared in a lengthy report released on Saturday. Sidewalk blows up as car drives on it
A van driver in London narrowly missed being injured by a explosion. What a shot! Amazing sports photos
In 34 photos, CNN takes you to a week's worth of sporting events around the globe, including a foul ball catch in New York and a blind soccer league g......
9/11 mystery solved after 13 years
The mystery of a wedding photo found at Ground Zero has been solved after 13 years. CNN affiliate KDVR has the story. The coolest posters in history
A world-renowned graphic designer selects his favorites from "golden age of the poste.r" Ultimate first-class airline offerings
Sure, first class sounds swank, but when you're paying a premium of several thousand dollars a ticket, it can be hard to justify the added expense. <......
Terrorist's warning: See you in New York
Deb Feyerick explores the lives & dossiers of ISIS & Al-Qaeda's top leaders. Taylor Swift surprises frat brothers
Singer Taylor Swift offered members of a fraternity concert tickets to her show after seeing their viral video. Behemoth bunny on a bunker burns
Dutch installation artist Florentijn Hofman must be feeling cursed right about now. Machete attack caught on camera
A group of individuals, one of whom was wielding a machete, attacked two brothers in Chicago. WLS reports. Five iOS 8 features you'll love
You can't get a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus until Friday, but iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, goes live on Wednesday. ......
I tried to help, but no one from U.S. asked
Yosef Abobaker, abducted by ISIS along with American journalist Steven Sotloff and later freed, says never once did U.S. officials try to interview hi......
More clues in new ISIS execution video
Brian Todd examines clues in the video of David Haines' execution. Do British authorities know who the executioner is? ISIS execution videos strikingly similar
Three brutal executions. Three horrifyingly similar scripts. Ebola
[Breaking news update at 4:09 p.m. ET]
What we know -- and psychiatrists have diagnosed for decades -- as schizophrenia may really be eight separate diseases, research published in The Amer......
PA trooper shooting
Law enforcement officials said Tuesday they are hunting for a man they believe ambushed Pennsylvania State Police troopers, killing one and seriously ......
Tony Stewart
The evidence gathered after Tony Stewart's race car struck and killed another driver who was walking on the track will be given soon to a grand jury, ......
Agent Storm
Two worlds. Two identities and the ever-present, very real risk of death. Scotland
The three main UK party leaders gave a joint promise Tuesday that Scotland will get extra powers if it opts to stay part of the United Kingdom in a la......
Enterovirus D68
Since mid-August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 104 cases of Enterovirus D68 in 10 states: Alabama, Colorado, Illinois,......
After a dust-up last week, Rihanna says she doesn't want her performance of the song "Run This Town" to air on "Thursday Night Football" this week. <......
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