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Clinics and Services

Totaling six jail facilities and operating nine clinics, CHS has a comprehensive list of services we offer. From Outpatient Services to Mental Health Services, patients have access to healthcare supported by friendly health professionals.

4th Avenue Intake: 201 S. 4th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Spanning 86,000 square feet, the 4th Avenue Jail was constructed in 2005. Today, the intake location begins the process of the patient experience at Prebooking with a Receiving Screening. The Intake location provides services focused on Assessments, Treatments, Medications, Withdrawals and Mental Health.

4th Avenue Outpatient: 201 S. 4th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Located in the lower level of the building, the Outpatient Clinic serves multiple floors in the 4th Avenue facility serving an all-male population of 1,700 individuals classified in several levels of custody. This location houses Medical Records, Dental and Radiology services, inclusive to ambulatory and mental health services.

Lower Buckeye Jail: 3250 W. Lower Buckeye Road, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Outpatient Services:

Serving a male population greater than 1,800 adults and under 100 juveniles in multiple levels of custody, the outpatient clinic provides ambulatory services including Dental, Radiology, Medication distribution and Mental Health Services and includes Mini-clinics on several floors. This outpatient location is also home to the Self-Surrender location.


The Infirmary is the jail’s Inpatient Medical Unit. Here 60 beds are available with an Average Daily Consensus of 45 treating more serious medical issues. This location provides 19 Negative Airflow Rooms with two positive airflow Rooms to secure airborne illnesses including TB (Tuberculosis) and Chickenpox (Varicella). This location serves both male and female patients for post-hospital acuity including frequent treatments, mental health and observation.

Mental Health Housing Unit

The Mental Health Housing Unit consists of six “pods” including 264 beds with an Average Daily Consensus of 110. The pods house male, female and juvenile patients separated by different levels of acuity requirements.

Durango Outpatient Clinic – 3225 W. Gibson Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85009

The Durango Outpatient Clinic serves a population no less than 1,600 male individuals in Minimum and Medium Custody. This location consists of four pods with dormitory housing along with Mental Health Services.

Towers Outpatient Clinic - 3127 W. Gibson Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Serving a population beyond 800 male individuals, this location houses all sentenced individuals and provides services such as the Alpha Program, Mental Health and ambulatory services.

Estrella Outpatient Clinic – 2939 W. Durango Street, Phoenix, AZ 85009

This clinic serves a female population in excess of 900 individuals in various custody levels. Estrella provides key services focusing on women’s medical needs including prenatal care, high-risk obstetrics (OB), an Ultrasound Clinic and Mental Health Services.

Estrella Support Building (Tents) – 2939 W. Durango Street, Phoenix, AZ 85009

The Tents Clinic serves approximately 700 male and female individuals in minimum custody, provides the Two for One Program, ambulatory services and Mental Health services.

All clinics provide lab draws, Medication Administration, Therapeutic Interventions, Behavioral Health Services, Diet Management, Wound Care, Patient Education, follow-up care and Discharge Planning.

On-site specialty clinics include services such as:

Physical Therapy
Infectious Disease

Did you know?

  • The Total Average Daily Population is 7,500 individuals
  • The Male to Female Ratio is 7 to 1.
  • Up to 7% of the total daily population are identified with SMI (Serious Mental Illnesses)
  • 15% of the individuals in our facilities are dealing with Chronic Care conditions, such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Disease.
  • At any one time, CHS cares for between 30 and 40 pregnant patients.
  • CHS conducts 400 Withdrawal Checks daily.
  • CHS received over 9,000 health care requests monthly.

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