Property & Zoning

  1. Geographic Maps

    Visit the GIS portal website to view maps for flood control, transportation, environmental, data requests, and contact information.

  2. Parcel Viewer (Maps)

    View the parcel viewer interactive maps on Assessor Paul D. Petersen's website.

  3. Plat Maps

    Visit Recorder Helen Purcell's website to access the internet map locator database.

  4. Property Tax & Classification Appeals

    Visit Assessor Paul D. Peterson's website to find property tax and classification appeals website.

  5. Property Tax Statement

    Visit Treasurer Charles "Hos" Hoskins' website for property tax statement payment options.

  6. Recorded Document Search

    To use the Recorded Document Search database please visit Recorder Helen Purcell's website.

  7. Residential Notice of Valuation

    Visit Assessor Paul D. Petersen's website to learn about residential notice of valuation.

  8. Residential Parcel Information & Comps

    To find residential parcel information and comps visit Assessor Paul D. Petersen's website.

  9. Residential Rental Registration

    You can find residential rental registration on Assessor Paul D. Petersen's website.