Current FCD Projects

Bid #171056-DBB - 115th Avenue And Union Hills Drive Drainage Improvements-PH1 And PH2

The proposed work for this project includes construction of concrete channel, concrete retaining walls, storm drain system and improvements to three basins along 115th Avenue from Greenway alignment to ┬╝ mile north of Union Hills Drive within Phase 1; and along Union Hills Drive from 112th Avenue to 107th Avenue and along 107thAvenue from Union Hills Drive to Palm Drive, within Phase 2. The major construction items include concrete channel (vertical and trapezoidal), concrete drop structures, riprap protection, handrail, 18-inch through 60-inch storm drains and associated manholes, laterals, and catch basins, excavation of a channel, Improvements to detention basins, grouted riprap removal, riprap construction, concrete retaining walls, and headwalls, a drop inlet structure, a junction structure, trashracks, aesthetic treatment of concrete structures, asphalt removal and replacement, removal of trees, salvage and replacement of trees, block wall and gabion wall removal and replacement, roadway pavement replacement and microseal, waterline relocations, irrigation system, landscaping and hydroseed. All of the documents with Contract Number 2015C016 and Contract number 2016C001 are included in this contract document. Project Cost Range: > $5,000,000.

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