Be Ready

One of the best ways to get ready is to become knowledgeable of what risks you and your family may face. We have found useful ways to manage these potential challenges.

Why You Should Prepare

Imagine that you have no electricity, no gas, no water, and no telephone service for several days. You may already be prepared to manage this scenario, now what if your local stores and restaurants are closed and local healthcare is overwhelmed and you or a loved one is unable to receive treatment for a chronic health condition or emergency?

It's hard to imagine that a circumstance like this could occur in the Valley of the Sun but we owe it to our families and community to be ready. Our friends and loved ones in other states and around the world would encourage us to become prepared for the unexpected.

When Preparedness Works

Preparedness works when it starts at the individual level.

We have researched checklists, online tools, and have found useful reading that may help you become more knowledgeable about preparedness.

Taking a few moments now, to put aside a few extra items at home and have special discussions with your family, neighbors, co workers, and local community may make a big difference, if the unexpected occurs here in our Valley.


The following categories provide detailed information and resources about how out how you can prepare yourself, your business, your school, and your community for an emergency. More than practical tips, there are checklists, reading material and useful measures that can be started today.

Categories to prepare for include:
  • Business Ready
  • Community Ready
  • Home Ready
  • Medical Ready
  • School Ready

Time Saver Tip

Select the readiness category that is closest to your needs today. Bookmark this page and return as frequently as you need to meet your readiness goals.