Citizens Financial Condition Reports

Internal Audit annually assesses and reports on Maricopa County's financial condition in a highly visual, user-friendly, annual Financial Condition Report. This report displays key financial 10-year trends and compares Maricopa's trends to 10 western U.S. counties' trend averages.

FY2015 Citizens Financial Condition Report

FY2015 Report (PDF) | FY2015 Infographic (PDF)
For Fiscal Year 2015, we highlight the financial strength of Maricopa County's General Fund and other Governmental Funds through graphic displays of key financial ratios, trends, and comparisons. In spite of national and local economic challenges in recent years, the County has been able to pay for significant capital projects without incurring liabilities. Maricopa County has a fiscally conservative management philosophy and spends significantly less on delivering services than benchmark counties.
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FY2014 Citizens Financial Condition Report

FY2014 Report (PDF) | FY2014 Infographic (PDF)
Our Fiscal Year 2014 Citizens Financial Condition Report highlights the County's fiscal strength. The General Fund Spendable balance remains healthy but has decreased due to planned capital expenditures. County key financial indicators continue to compare favorably with benchmark counties.
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FY2013 Citizens Financial Condition Report

FY2013 Report (PDF) | FY2013 Infographic (PDF)
Our Fiscal Year FY2013 Citizens Financial Condition Report highlights the financial strength of the County's General Fund and other key financial indicators. This edition provides information, trends, and comparisons on County financial topics including: General Fund Balance, Cash and Investments, Liquidity and Long-Term Debt, Revenues and Expenditures, and Retirement Plans.
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FY2012 Citizens Financial Condition Report

FY2012 Report (PDF)
Our Fiscal Year FY2012 Citizens Financial Condition Report highlights the financial strength of the County's General Fund within the context of the financial challenges currently facing national and local economies.
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FY2011 Citizens Financial Condition Report

FY2011 Report (PDF)
Maricopa County shows consistent fiscal strength in FY2011. The General Fund spendable (unrestricted) fund balance remained healthy, key County financial indicators compared very favorably to national benchmarks, county net assets, an indicator of long term financial health, continued to increase, FY2011 governmental fund revenues fell below expenditures, and State retirement plans covering County employees saw funding deficits continue to increase, bringing funding levels to their lowest point in years.
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