1. Administration Division

    The Administrative Division is responsible for procuring the insurance policies above the County's self-insured retention, providing certificates of insurance to County departments, preparing the annual user charges for services, preparing the annual budget and financial statements for the Trust, and providing administrative support to the other divisions within the department.

  2. Claims Division

    The Risk Management Claims Division manages all Maricopa County property, vehicle, unemployment and workers' compensation claims, and liability claims filed against Maricopa County and its employees.

  3. Environmental Division

    The Environmental Division was established in 1992 by Maricopa County, as an owner/operator of regulated property, in response to the ever-evolving environmental regulatory arena, and to comply with governmental accounting standards for addressing a governmental entity's financial exposure to environmental liability.

  4. Safety Division

    The Maricopa County Risk Management - Safety Division will promote, implement and drive continuous improvement in safety through the development of procedures, training programs, processes and services ensuring a safe environment for employees and the community.